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Pillaert Meststoffen NV

Industriezone Zwijnaarde 1
Scheldekanaaltragel 3
B 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

Tel. +32 9 244 51 70
Fax +32 9 244 51 71


We offer a broad range of logistical services to our distributors and to other operatives in the fertilizer industry; storage, blending, packing, transport, etc..


Sourcing of product over the waterways

We are located next to the port of Ghent and dispose of a quay on the Schelde-canal fit for discharging barges and coasters up to 2500T. However, we operate outside the port area which ensures flexible and cost-efficient operations.


Storage and handling

For storage of fertilizers, we recently built a new bulk distribution centre (storage capacity +/- 35.000T, surface area 9000m²). This warehouse and our equipment have been designed specifically for efficient bulk storage and handling and our staff have many years of hands-on experience in the fertilizer business. On demand we blend and pack your products in bags (25kg/50kg) or big Bags.


Efficient and fast distribution by truck from Ghent

We are strategically positioned on the crossing of the two major European motorways E40 and E17 and are fully-equipped for fast and efficient loading of trucks and distribution by road.



FORTIS 280-0267825-45
IBAN BE44 2800 2678 2545
ING 385-0576825-29
IBAN BE26 3850 5768 2529
VAT BE 0400.320.879
Company Number. 0400320879
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