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Pillaert Meststoffen NV

Industriezone Zwijnaarde 1
Scheldekanaaltragel 3
B 9052 Zwijnaarde (Gent)

Tel. +32 9 244 51 70
Fax +32 9 244 51 71

Pillaert Meststoffen NV


Pillaert Meststoffen NV is one of the leading wholesalers of mineral fertilizers and related products for agriculture and horticulture in Belgium and surrounding countries. Via our distributors, we market a broad range of plant nutrition products, bagged and in bulk. From our centrally located warehouses in Ghent we ensure fast, efficient and reliable distribution of fertilizers from world-class producers such as Yara, Kali & Salz, Lhoist, OCI Nitrogen, Alzchem, ICL, Prayon, etc...



FORTIS 280-0267825-45
IBAN BE44 2800 2678 2545
ING 385-0576825-29
IBAN BE26 3850 5768 2529
VAT BE 0400.320.879
Company Number. 0400320879
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